4 Reasons to choose a mobile pop up bar service

The Bar that is wherever you are.

Go Bars Cocktail Service

Our mobile pop up bar service has the flexibility to service any event, anytime, anywhere.

Imagine a beautiful bar service set up in your backyard, for a wedding, family celebration or your birthday party.  We can even set up at your office space, or your favourite outdoor venue.

Our mobile pop up bar and services come to you, bringing bartenders to make and serve refreshing drinks or your favourite fresh cocktail. All glassware and bar equipment provided, so you don’t even need to wash up after!

Turn even the plainest venue into your dream wedding, the party of the decade, greatest milestone birthday, or corporate office function that will be talked about for years to come!  Best of all, you don’t need to do a thing.  You can sit back, relax and let us do all the work, leaving you to enjoy and mingle with your guests/friends or family. 

Why do our customer love our mobile pop up bar service?

  1. Easy & Stress Free – no more ice runs, last minute beer runs, plastic cup panic, or stressing whether Aunty Mary has drunk too much.  Our professional staff will take care of the details.
  2. Efficient & Cost Effective – Since we’re BYOB (Buy Your Own Beverages) you supply your own alcohol and beverages and we’ll organise the rest. No scary bar tabs at the end of the night.  No expensive packages, high priced drinks or off-menu restrictions.  If you supply it, we’ll make it look awesome, then serve it. Any leftovers will remain with you.
  3. Flexible – we can set up anywhere, making the most boring corporate office, backyard, or BYO venue into something very special.  Host your event where you like, choose your favourite drinks, and maintain your own budget.  Imagine being able to go to your favourite store, buy online in bulk, or spread your cost and purchases out over a few months to maximise store specials. You can even control the fresh fruit or garnishes.
  4. Unique – your event will be whatever you want it to be, totally unique and incredible for your guests. Do you have an old family cocktail recipe you’d like to serve? Maybe Grandma would like to drink the same champagne at her 80th, as she did at her 21st? Perhaps you’d like to host your wedding or milestone event outside of your traditional function venue?

All of this leaves you to focus on the important things – your guests.

Sound good? 

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