Cancelled events, social gatherings, birthday parties. Tips and suggestions for missed milestones due to the COVID-19

COVID-19 Survival Guide, Boredom buster & Organiser

Social distancing is so important right now to stop the spread of the COVID-19 and is impacting everyone physically and mentally. It’s hard to not be angry or upset due to missing some milestones, it can be real difficult especially looking forward to these events either yearly as a birthday parties or one off events for celebrations for weddings and other events. As social gatherings, events and parties are cancelled to keep us all healthy. 

Here are some ideas and suggestions to focus on, while staying healthy by not exposing yourself and others to the virus. 

1. Weddings. Are you engaged and/or planning a wedding?

  • If you were planning a wedding. And it was all planned and booked in. Ensure you organise with your vendors to postpone your date, work with your vendor for the best outcome for everyone.
  • If you hadn’t set a date and confirmed some ideas if you were just starting out. Research and think of what you want. Venues – BYO – DIY or fully catered. 
  • Theme – Modern, rustic, garden, inside or outside.
  • Research other vendors – photography, celebrants, caterers, DJ/band, florist, wedding cars
  • Dates – what month would you want to marry, summer/spring – warm or winter – colder.
  • Budget
  • Prepare guest list
  • Wedding dress

A lot of these ideas you can research by jumping on line and get recommendations from facebook groups, google search and on facebook. With all your research together so when lock down is over your ready to go and check these vendors out. Some vendors might even be available from working from home and may still be taking phone call, or even through zoom.

2. Birthday Parties/Or other Events

Lets get virtual. Stay in touch by Jumping onto Facebook or zoom record yourself or do live with your family and/or friends.

  • Have the kids join in and make decorations, (keep them busy for a while) Pick a theme and print some pictures off and laminate.
  • Scavenger hunt – Clues could be based on a theme like fairytales, super heroes. 
  • Choose a theme
  • If you are postponing your event you can start thinking and organising – what/if a theme – How many people – budget – location – BYO/pop up bar- Food – Sit down/cocktail party. 
  • Why not set yourself up with online or virtual karoke. 

3. Anniversary

If you were planning a lovely dinner or date or hosting a party, it’s more than likely cancelled. Why not try to recreate the first date and make it more memorable – what a great challenge– set the table with a lovely tablecloth – bring out the fancy dishes and glassware, cook or order in favourite food, a couple of items to take you back to the past, music, dress up,  nice fun challenge to recreate a special moment in time. Friends and family, why not jump into virtuals onto live feeds through facebook or zoom. Stay connected event through emails and pictures and posting them upline. 

  • Snuggle with a few romantic or your favourite movie. 
  • Flick through some old photos and bond over memories.
  • Write some love notes and hide them round the house. 

4. Home Bar

Why not take this time and possible opportunity to teach yourself a few easy cocktails/smoothies and mocktails. So when this lockdown is finished you can show off some of your skills with your next event. 

Other ways to keep yourself busy being stuck at home because of the COVID-19

5. Deep clean

Even though this might be the last on the list, cause who want to do a deep clean, hahaha. But having your house ready for when isolation is finished will be a bonus. Use this time to go through items that don’t serve any purpose. Go through your items that you haven’t used, doesn’t fit, or you just don’t like. Either donate or make a small profit by selling it off. 

There will be less to clean and the place will be tidier for when you have any events and parties. 🙂 

6. Catch up with friends online

Been to busy, why not pick up the phone and call that friend, or family member. Let the kids contact their friends on the phone, write a letter, facetime on line. Email. Take some photos and send them to friends and family. Remember all online to keep us all safe stay away from friends and family. 

7. Garden

Not only is gardening thereuptic, great for the kids to, they can learn so much and the joy when they pick the fruit or vegie off the tree or plant is so great. But if you were thinking of having a event such as wedding, engagement party, or anything special why not get out and get that garden a bit of tlc and spruce it up for when guests arrive at the event later in the year, they will be wowed. 

Garden in pots

Wedding movies - Are you getting married?

If you’re engaged and want to get some movies in. Time to pamper yourself, get a good drink and snuggle and watch your favourite or romantic movie. Here are a few suggestions

  • The proposal 
  • Bridesmaid
  • 27 dresses 
  • Bride wars 
  • The hangover 
  • The Proposal 
  • My Big Fat Greek Wedding 
  • Four weddings and a Funeral 
  • The Wedding Singer 
  • The Wedding Planner 
  • Wedding Crashers 
  • Father of the Bride


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