How to host a winter event – and enjoy it!

Don’t let the cold weather stop you from having your next event or get together! With the uncertainty of lockdowns and restrictions, it’s even more important to connect with your friends and family. Let us help you create a cosy winter event or function, which you’ll remember for years to come.


Create an epic atmosphere and a sense of warmth with candles, fairy lights, party lights or soft lighting.  Adding a fire pit or camp fire will add a stunning visual, warm ambience and create a nice cosy feeling. Using patio heaters/gas heaters/fire pit/camp fire will create a focal point and is very relaxing to stare into.


Pick a spot where it feels warm, is out of the wind, or you can have a fire or outdoor space heaters.  Even if you do have an inside party, your guests will tend to venture outdoors too.  Consider renting a marquee, or use a garage to control the chill in case the wind picks up at night.

Create warm zones  

Be sure to give your guests plenty of notice about your location and dress code, so they can layer up in warm clothes.

Have a stock on hand of extra beanies, mittens, scarves, blankets, throw rugs or extra jackets. Drape blankets over your seating allowing your guests to rug up while they’re sitting. Have hot water bottles or heat packs at the ready in case of icy blasts.


Hot and hearty comfort food like soups and stews are great, and roasted meat and veggies are always popular.  Even spicy appetizers to warm things up!

BBQs, portable pizza ovens, and camp fires can be handy for warmth, as well as cooking. Imagine cooking your food on an open fire – baked potatoes, or hot dogs roasted on skewers, whilst warming yourself at the same time.  Most kids will love roasting marshmallows over a bonfire for dessert, adding biscuits and chocolate to make S’mores.


Of course there’s always hot drinks to warm you, but what about cocktails to warm you and your guests?

Hot coffee and hot chocolate are easy favourites, but what about adding mint liquor or whiskey to them? Mulled wine is popular in cold countries, with recipes such as mulled pear and cranberry punch, winter Pimms punch, or mulled gin. Available in both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, warm spiced cider with cinnamon and citrus is guaranteed to diffuse a rich aroma around your party.

Move your body

Turn the beats up and dance to get your blood pumping! Mix fun with a bit of exercise, and stay warm throughout your winter event with crowd pleasers – Tina Turner’s Nutbush, or the Macarena!


Have fun with your theme! Christmas in July, White Wonderland, Arctic Expedition, Ice & Fire (one for the Game of Thrones fans!), Bonfire Bonanza… Let your creativity run wild!

And nobody ever said a winter event should be boring (even for grown-ups!) Activities are a great way for guests to mingle and move, so think about things like:

  • Star gazing
  • Karaoke
  • Movie night
  • Dance-off
  • Outdoor games or treasure hunts
  • Laser tag
  • Cardboard box sledding (make sure you have a hill!)

Like the saying goes “There is no such things as bad weather, only bad clothing”

Contact us now to host your next event, and ask about our mobile pop up bar packages and bartenders.

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